PhilaPort Container Accident Kills Worker

 11 Jul 2017 09.11am

Police have confirmed that a 52-year-old man has died at PhilaPort in Philadelphia, US, yesterday afternoon (July 11, 2017) after a shipping container fell on his truck.

The incident happened at the PhilaPort’s Packer Avenue Marine Terminal, the largest container terminal on the Delaware River.

Authorities have not identified the victim, but said he was pronounced dead at 12:35 pm.

Phily reported that Greg Iannarelli, Chief Counsel for the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, said that a container forklift had knocked a container from the top of a stack, causing it to fall onto the truck.

PhilaPort sent out a tweet after the incident expressing its condolences.

It said: "Our thoughts & prayers go out to the family of the longshoreman & fellow ILA workers involved in today's tragic accident."

Greenwich Terminals LLC is cooperating with police and federal safety officials investigating the incident, the scene of which was tweeted by news website Fox 29 (below).