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Navis Reveals Plans for Next-Gen TOS

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Navis, a provider of operational technologies for the maritime sector, has revealed the next wave of innovation it plans to implement as part of a new and improved terminal operating system (TOS).

The upgraded solution, one of many that will be announced at TOC Europe 2019, responds to the needs of container terminals as they continue to evolve in the digital age, especially with 350 container terminals worldwide already utilizing Navis’ software.

According to a statement, the Cargotec company seeks to further optimize planning processes, execution and the visibility of operations, aims which will be “underpinned” by Navis SMART architecture.

To view Navis' solutions for ports and terminals, visit their Approved Industry Suppliers portal

The Next Generation TOS is designed to release the power of untapped data collected throughout the supply chain, helping terminals to increase efficiency through improved functionality, smart applications and a connected suite of solutions.



Andy Barrons, Chief Strategy Officer at Navis, commented: “As the proven industry leader in TOS, we are focused on continuing to make terminal operations more intelligent and predictive for our customers around the world.

“In recent years, Navis has made significant investments making our suite of products and services more agile, scalable and connected, including expanded capabilities through Navis Smart, cloud services and Octopi SaaS for smaller terminals.”

Frederik Stork, Navis, discusses artifical intelligence and machine learning for container terminal operations in a recent Port Technology technical paper

In addition to “connected data intelligence”, the Next Generation TOS will provide enhanced flexibility and scalability to support a wide range of operations, helping companies to increase cargo volumes and implement automation.

Other benefits of the new system include control room transformation, which will see AI leveraged to free the workforce for more important strategic tasks, and an improved user interface for a more cooperative, user-friendly experience.

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