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Navis and XVELA to Boost ONE Operations

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Ocean Network Express (ONE), one of the world’s largest shipping lines, has announced plans to implement two new solutions: a cloud-based collaborative network from XVELA and Navis’ stowage planning system StowMan.

The collaboration with Navis and its affiliate XVELA will, according to a statement, reinforce ONE’s commitment to its core values of quality, reliability and innovation, as well as customer satisfaction.

XVELA’s collaborative network, which is said to be the first of its kind in the world, boosts operational efficiency by providing real-time insights and control through “a platform of connected systems”.

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StowMan from Navis, which will replace ONE’s existing stowage planning solution, is also fully integrated with XVELA.



The first stage of the partners’ plan is to implement the terminal rollout on ONE’s Latin American services, before expanding the solutions to cover its operations in Asia and around the world.

In addition to this, the initial rollout will leverage XVELA’s services to enhance cooperation between ONE’s planners and its terminal partners.

Patrick Brehmer, Navis, discusses how to make vessel visits more efficient in a recent Port Technology technical paper

Takashi Kase, SVP of Global Vessel Operations at ONE, commented: “The transparency and collaborative stowage capabilities of the XVELA and Navis integrated solutions will provide us better decision-making process and more efficient operations across our network.

“We have been sourcing for a technology that supports our goal in driving process innovation. We are starting with Stowage Collaboration, but we see a strong future with XVELA to bring about a positive win-win partnership between ONE and our called terminals.”

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