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MSC and Samsung Heavy Industries order shore power systems from Cavotec

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Cavotec has won a series of orders from stakeholders including MSC and Samsung Heavy Industries to equip container ships with shore power systems.

The firm secured orders worth €5 million ($6.09 million) in the second quarter for new-build vessels, with the majority of orders from MSC and Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI).

Cavotec will supply PowerAMPReels for MSC, SHI, and a number of other customers.

The majority of the systems will be fitted to new-build container ships with a capacity of 24,000 TEU.

The PowerAMPReels systems also include weather-proof enclosures.

On each vessel, one ShorePower system will be installed on the port side and one on the starboard side to enable fast and safe connection to shoreside electricity in every port where available.

Mikael Norin, Cavotec CEO, commented, “We’re proud to support the world’s major container shipping lines in their journey towards sustainable operations.

“As the leading supplier of shore power systems, Cavotec is trusted to provide worldwide connection compatibility for vessels using shoreside power supply.”

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