MOL Launches Container Tracking System

 12 Oct 2018 09.46am

Japanese shipping company Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) has announced that its group company MOL Consolidation Service (MCS) has tested a remote container tracking management system.

The successful trial transport of containers, equipped with a tracking management device, took place on railway routes connecting China and Europe.

The device, which is mounted inside the container, monitors cargo in transport using a number of technologies, such as GPS, a temperature gauge and an optical sensor.

Information on the cargo, including its location and temperature, can be transmitted to the customer through an email or a mobile application.

Ennio Zanotti discusses GPS as a smart way to track goods in a recent Port Technology technical paper

According to a statement by MOL, the device can also “monitor unauthorized opening and closing of the container during transport”, protecting the safety of cargo.

In addition to this, the tracking device’s 70-day battery life makes it suitable for long-distance transport.

MOL plans to begin the practical use of this system before the end of 2018, and will install them in containers upon the request of customers.

The device, by allowing them to monitor their cargo, is expected to help reassure customers that shipments will arrive on time and be safe from pilferage.

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