Liverpool2 to Open Late

 08 Jan 2016 03.46pm

Liverpool2 to Open Late.

UK-based port operator Peel Ports’ new US$450 million Liverpool2 container terminal project has failed to hit its targeted opening date of late 2015, with no definite reason for the delay announced but which could be related to civil engineering difficulties, and is now expected to be open in Q1, 2016, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Peel Ports hopes to attract post-Panamax ships by building the in-river quayside at the Port of Liverpool.

Neil Davidson, Senior Analyst of Ports and Terminals at Drewry, said: “Those ships go on to places like Rotterdam, Hamburg and Antwerp. It’s all about winning market share when adding new capacity in a mature market.

Technical Paper: Liverpool2: A Historic Port Giant Reborn

“It’s a fairly condensed market in terms of customer base. There are about 20 large container shipping lines in the world and they have come together in four large alliances where they cooperate with each other.

“It’s a challenge. All of that Asian trade calls into the south of England and there is plenty of existing capacity in the south.”

Liverpool2 recently took delivery of five mega-max quay cranes, which were built by Chinese manufacturer Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company (ZPMC).

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