Kalmar and Nokia to Build Advanced Terminal Network


Lifting solutions provider Kalmar and private LTE network supplier Ukkoverkot have announced the signing of a two-year cooperation agreement with Nokia to build and operate a private LTE network.

According to a statement, Nokia will provide the partnership with a digital automation platform that supports communications between mobile machinery and facilitates the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

As part of the agreement, a test network based on an actual terminal will be built for research and development purposes, trialling machine-to-machine (M2M) communications in a private LTE environment compared to facilities using other wireless technologies.

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The project is said to focus on the development of “innovative business applications”, an aim that is supported by the low latency, high-capacity connectivity a private LTE network offers.

In addition, this network enables the edge computing required for time-sensitive critical industrial applications, as well as real-time analytics and video-based applications such as machine remote control.



Pekka Yli-Paunu, Director, Research at Kalmar, commented: “We believe the new 5G-ready LTE solution will be an asset to our business, and we look forward to initiating testing in this digital automation environment.

“The private LTE network will provide the security and real-time video footage needed for reliable remote control of our operations.”

Nokia has deployed in excess of 1,000 mission-critical networks across various industries, and will now build what are described as “some of the biggest and most advanced IP, optical, and wireless networks” for industrial cargo handling.

Matthias Jablonowski, Nokia, explores the potential of wireless networks for terminal operations in a recent Port Technology technical paper

Yli-Paunu added: “The digital automation platform with its connectivity and application layers makes it possible for us to test new service products and concepts.

“That gives us the opportunity to demonstrate to our customers how our new services work, which is particularly valuable.”

Stephan Litjens, General Manager of Nokia Digital Automation, said: “Our digital automation platform brings pervasive mobile broadband coverage for terminals, sensors, cameras and other devices for mission and business critical industrial connectivity and digital transformation.

“Communication is essential for business efficiency and safety in cargo handling, be it between machines or machines and people. We are pleased to collaborate allowing companies to seize the Industry 4.0 opportunity.”

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