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Kalmar to deliver Gloria reachstackers to Brazilian operator Bandeirantes Deicmar

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Kalmar will supply Brazilian logistics operator Bandeirantes Deicmar Logística Integrada S.A. (Bandeirantes Deicmar) with five Kalmar Gloria reachstackers in Q3 of 2021.

Bandeirantes Deicmar joined forces at the Port of Santos in 2018 and are the latest customer in Kalmar’s growing Latin American market.

Washington Flores Junior, Director-President, Bandeirantes Deicmar, said, “We made the decision to invest in Kalmar reachstackers because of their reputation for high build quality and excellent reliability.

“With their ability to stack cargo containers six high, these machines will help us to make better use of the valuable space at our terminals.”

The Gloria reachstacker is built on Kalmar’s G-Generation platform, improving maintenance and providing comfortable and ergonomic working conditions for operators.

The units supplied to Bandeirantes Deicmar will have a lifting capacity of 45 tons and be capable of stacking containers six high.

It features a cabin with a panoramic view, intuitive interfaces, proactive monitoring and a comfortable seat designed for long shifts and demanding operations.

Eduardo Prat, Vice President, Latin America, Kalmar Mobile Solutions, added, “We are delighted that Bandeirantes Deicmar has selected our industry-leading reachstacker solution to enhance their equipment fleet and pleased to have secured another customer in the growing Brazilian market.

“We hope that this order will be the first of many and are looking forward to developing a valuable long-term relationship with Bandeirantes Deicmar.”

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