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K Line subsidiary accredited for cyber security management

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K Line Group subsidiary K Line Energy Ship Management (K-ENE) and Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) Setagawa, managed by K-ENE, have been accredited by Class NK for Cyber Security Management System (CSMS).

In recent years, information transmission such as ship operation data to the shore, and telecommunication between the ship and shore via internet connection have increased.

K Line is also advancing fully equipping ships with the onboard ICT devices and computer network to promote developing utilisation of IoT onboard and the telecommunication between the ship and shore, with a goal of enhancing the quality of safety.

With the integration of onboard ICT devices it is necessary to take appropriate actions as maritime cyber risk management.

K Line has been proceeding with the preparations for appropriately dealing with maritime cyber risks in accordance with the CSMS guidelines of Class NK. The shipping line said that although they were evaluated under the effect of COVID-19, CSMS Certification was acquired by remote-evaluation with Class NK.

In terms of other types of ships operated by K Line, the preparations for acquisition of CSMS Certification has already begun.

“Safety forms the basis of K Line group business whose essential task is maritime transportation. Hence, we will provide the safer and best maritime transport service by strengthening protection against cyber risks,” the company said.

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