JeffHK: How to Dock a Mega-Ship


Seaman and YouTuber JeffHK has released a new video that takes the viewer through the process of docking a mega-ship, from preparation to the various mooring arrangements to secure it.

While it may not seem like a high-stakes, high-energy mission in line with the Interstellar, Star Trek, and Spiderman clips he has used to illustrate the process, JeffHK’s video shows the viewer the level of skill and expertise required to perform these moves — as well as the immense danger if things go wrong.

Key video points:

  • 1:00: Local maritime pilot climbs aboard to assist in docking
  • 2:20: Tugs assist in berthing by pushing and pulling the vessel
  • 3:10: Mooring lines with a ‘monkey’s fist’ knot at the end pull the vessel close to the dock
  • 3:50: Rope process keeps the boat in place

After only a day up on YouTube, the video has already garnered 18,101 views at the time of publishing.

During the video, JeffHK explained: “We’re almost near the year 2020, and yes — we are still securing ships by ropes.

“There’s more advanced methods like magnetic plates or mechanical levers but overall 99% of ships from big to small are still using ropes.

“But, while it all seems pretty primitive, why fix something that isn’t broken?”

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Video credit: JeffHK

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