ITS launches new GPS terminal support system

 20 Jun 2014 12.22pm

International Terminal Solutions (ITS) has announced the launch of its new GPS support service for terminals using the COSMOS Terminal Operating System (TOS).

The service is aimed at terminals that are finding it increasingly difficult to source replacement parts, service and support for their legacy GPS systems.

Many terminals have put major GPS upgrades on hold due to the general economic climate, and many of the COSMOS-equipped terminals are also pending the COSMOS Suite Redevelopment (CSR) project presently underway.

In collaboration with COSMOS users, ITS has engineered a set of low-cost replacement components to mount on the Container Handling Equipment (CHE).

This approach is claimed to allow terminals to continue with their present system and install a modern, fully-supported and reliable hardware platform when the legacy system requires service or replacement on a CHE by CHE basis.

The ITS solution has been designed to connect to the existing RDT unit in exactly the same way as the legacy system.

It is also fully compliant with the COSMOS interface specifications, including the same cable connections as the legacy system, making it swap compatible.

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