Is Electrification the Answer to Port Pressures?

 09 Feb 2016 09.54am

Is Electrification the Answer to Port Pressures? Source: iStock

In order to handle the growing number of cargo volumes at some of the US’s largest ports such as the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland, electrification of port operations may be necessary, according to the Journal of Commerce.

T.L. Garrett, a former Environmental Manager at the Port of Los Angeles, said: “This is an opportunity. We need to make it work.”

This news follows a recent report published by Navigant Research which forecasts massive growth for the electric shore power sector.

The report said that the lack of operational control at port authorities is acting as a barrier for ports to realise energy-saving potential through the installation of shore power.

Technical Paper: The Electric Future of Transportation

California’s ports are currently facing pressing regulations to work toward zero emissions, and much of the equipment inside a container port would need to be electrified to meet these goals.

Electrical equipment will be needed to help meet the governor’s achieve its aim under the sustainable freight action plan to reduce 2030 emissions by 40%, in comparison to those seen in 1990.

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