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INTTRA Welcomes Miami Carrier to Network

INTTRA Welcomes Miami Carrier to Network

Leading software and information provider INTTRA has added regional shipping line Antillean Marine to its carrier network.

Based in Miami, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Antillean Marine provides service from Miami to Hispaniola, with other port destinations including Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haïtien, Puerto Plata and Rio Haina.

INTTRA revealed that Antillean had joined its network in March, but has now confirmed the full integration of the carrier.

Antillean is offering its customers a range of services through INTTRA’s network, including booking requests, shipping instructions, Track and Trace, and bill of lading.

Inna Kuznetsova, Karim Jumma and Peter Spellman, of INTTRA, discuss how AI can power growth in a recent Port Technology technical paper

Inna Kuznetsova, INTTRA’s President and COO, said: “We’re pleased to welcome Antillean Marine, a great family owned business that has been servicing shipping customers for over 55 years.

“Antillean’s addition shows that the benefits of digitalization are expanding to all types of carriers as they seek to offer improved efficiency and costs for their customers.”

Sara C. Babun, Antillean’s President and CEO, also commented: “INTTRA is empowering us to move away from manual processes and fully embrace digital transactions.”

“This will allow us to streamline processes, fuel our growth, while providing an even higher level of service for our customers.”

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