Inform launches Logistics at Home learning modules


Inform has announced the launch of its Logistics at Home learning modules as part of the broader “Kids at Home” teaching initiative aimed at helping children better understand the complex industries that help keep the world moving.

The first of six learning modules in the field of logistics is now available, free of charge, to download in both English and German, and it unpacks the first big logistics question: What is the Supply Chain?

Matthew Wittemeier, Marketing Manager of Inform’s Logistics Division, said, “I was at home with my six-year-old daughter, and she wanted to understand why items at the store weren’t available ‘right now,’ so we put together a small series of learning tasks that are fun but also helped her understand how supplies and goods are moved around the world.”

Dr. Eva Savelsberg, SVP of Inform’s Logistic Division, added, “Engaging kids isn’t our core business but rather a broader social obligation. During the trial phase, we released it into our division, and many of our team members with kids commented both how much their children enjoyed it and how it made explaining the world they work in much easier.”

The initial Logistics at Home learning modules are designed for school children aged 6-10 and present a topic using a mix of fun tasks combining learning skills such as reading, writing, spelling, math, geography, and problem-solving.

Wittemeier added, “It was so much fun seeing my daughter pull an atlas off of the shelf and look up where countries were in the world and then color the map!”

While only the first of the Logistics at Home modules is available, five additional modules are in the works to cover additional topics, including What is Shipping?, Ports are Busy Places, The Inland Connection, How are Packages Shipped?, and The Role of Computers.

Wittemeier added, “Most of us are finding ourselves in a new environment where we are suddenly child educators. Having constructive things to keep kids’ minds busy is so important.”

With so many children home during the COVID-19 crisis, we decided to sit down and think about how to constructively help parents keep their little ones’ minds occupied. Stemming from the minds of some of our colleagues with younger children at home, the LOGISTICS@HOME series has been created, tested, and refined to give kids 6-10 a fun, and at times challenging, introduction to the field of logistics, the supply chain, shipping, ports, and parcel operations.

Designed to reinforce core learning skills: reading, writing, math, geography, and problem-solving, each “Print at Home” module will take your kids through a series of worksheets and exercises that will both introduce them to the topic of the module as well as help them to understand it in a fun way that reinforces the core learning skills.

Module 01 – What is the Supply Chain? is now available in English and German.

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