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IBM Signs $740 Million Blockchain Deal with Australian Gov

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IBM has signed a deal worth $740 million with the Australian government to provide AI and automation services using blockchain as its primary technology partner.

The five-year agreement will create a more efficient, paperless supply chain through blockchain technology by  covering defence, border control and citizens’ data.

In May the Port of Brisbane worked with PwC to create a blockchain technology that links the supply chain following an increase in traffic. 

A deal last January also saw IBM and Maersk agree to provide secure, digitised platforms to make global trade easier and safer.

It also launched a new partnership with the Port of Rotterdam into the world’s first ‘smart port’ using IBM’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Find out how IBM is building the port of the future with a Port Technology technical paper.

This follows IBM’s decision in 2017 to launch a blockchain business specifically to research the technology.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Harriet Green, IBM’s Asia Pacific Head, said: “Many new technologies across AI, blockchain have a lot of focus on security and all of this saves the Australian government money and makes them one of the top three digital governments in the world.”

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