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HMM Hiring Hanjin Staff

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South Korean shipping company Hyundai Merchant Marine has made the move to take on over 200 employees from their bankrupt compatriot, Hanjin.

From February, 220 former Hanjin workers will be phased into work at HMM, which is hiring both onshore and offshore staff as well as overseas staff and ship managers in the wake of the mass unemployment created by the Hanjin collapse.

HMM CEO, C.K. Yoo said, “We acquire the best shipping workforce via 1:1 interviews. We will fully support Hanjin’s workforce to help them quickly adapt and adjust into HMM’s corporate culture and come into their own”.

The claiming of Hanjin assets is an ongoing process that has raised issues around liability as reflected by yesterday’s (January 10) news of disputed lease payments for Hanjin assets in Seattle and Tacoma.  

Meanwhile, In December 2016, Hyundai Merchant Marine announced their lofty ambitions to gain a 5% market share by 2021

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