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Haropa Ports Release 2015 Results


Haropa Ports has released its 2015 figures in a bid to measure the shipping, shore, customs, and sanitary performance of the goods transported through its port complex.

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2015 was a significant year for the port operator after it was awarded ‘Best Green Port’ in Singapore and also won the ‘Environmental Protection Award’ in Antwerp.

Haropa saw growth of 2.4% in 2015, which confirmed its ranking as France’s number one port system, having recorded container throughput of more than 2.6 million TEU for the year.

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Its growth was in line with the increase of world GDP, which is significantly higher than the economic growth in France.

Haropa also saw an increase in the number of mega vessels’ calls in 2015, having stood at 382, which is 51 more than in 2014.

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Herve Martel, CEO of Haropa, Port of Le Havre, concluded: “Eagerly expected by the professionals of transport and logistics, the equipment is going to make it possible to develop rail and river consolidated trades onto a wide west-European hinterland, thus strengthening the attractiveness of Haropa.”

Q&A with Antoine Berbain, MD, Harapoa Ports

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