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Friday Focus: Rolls-Royce’s Ship Health Solution

Friday Focus: Rolls-Royce’s Ship Health Solution

Rolls-Royce has released the 'Engine Health Management' solution, an initiative designed to provide ship operators with an unsurpassed level of understanding of a vessel's onboard installations.

It allows fleet managers to track a vessel's health status while it is at sea, with sensors on the vessel transmitting data over long distances.

This information is then logged by AI embedded processing software on board, which gives the crew an accurate, real-time health status check-up of the ship.  

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The data is then transmitted to the Cloud for storage and advanced analytics.

The Cloud will also share behaviour data with the rest of the fleet and update machine learning models.  

By predicting when and service and maintenance are needed, it allows crew and management to plan accordingly, imporving health and safety standard, efficiency and predictability. 

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