Friday Focus: DP World to Open BRI Logistics Station

 05 Oct 2018 11.35am

DP World has announced it will build a logistics base as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), in partnership with Zhejiang Provincial Seaport Investment & Operation Group (ZPG).

Named the Dubai Station, the logistics hub is part of an increasingly strong trade and investment relationship between China and UAE.

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The ceremony was attended by Mohammed Al Muallem, CEO and Managing Director of DP World UAE, and a delegation from ZPG.

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Trade between the two countries reached $50 billion in 2017, compared with US-UAE trade in the same time period which was $25.8 billion.

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The UAE is the 25th largest economy on Earth, and the fifth biggest oil exporter. In recent years it has made substantial efforts to diversify its economy.

A big part of that is utilising smart technologies, which Dubai is currently doing to the point where it hopes to be the world’s first fully integrated ‘Blockchain City’ by 2021.

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