Friday Focus: Automated Gates at APM Terminals Gothenburg


APM Terminals has released a new video, which explains how drivers can help the automated gate in and out system at the Port of Gothenburg run more smoothly.

Among the list of steps outlined by APM Terminals is ensuring easy identification, which means cleaning the licence plate so it is readable, and having an access code ready for entry.

In addition to this, the truck should drive at a constant speed through the terminal’s OCR portal, an automated system which documents its arrival and takes a series of panoramic images.

Once it has passed through the portal, the truck must proceed through the automated in-gate, before selecting an empty space in the laden container grid.

RISE Viktoria explains the benefits of port synchronization in a recent Port Technology technical paper

More security checks are required before the container can be loaded onto the truck, a process which requires the driver to remain at a safe distance in a booth.

Once the new container has been loaded onto the truck, the driver must travel out of the terminal through another OCR portal, before passing through the automated out-gate.

This quick, easy system, which ensures that trucks arrive securely and depart safely, demonstrates how precise terminal operations must be in order for cargo to be transported efficiently and cost-effectively.

Automated gates speed up the process, digitally recording the arrival of trucks, granting access, and keeping the terminal itself secure. 

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