Eco-Friendly Marine Specialists Unveil Remote Tech


Dredge Yard, a specialist in eco-friendly marine technology, has unveiled the adaptive auger head, an innovative remote solution which it says can make dredging more efficient while protecting sea life and the environment.

According to the company, the adaptive auger head can be used for a variety of applications, including river and canal dredging, water intake cleaning, and port and harbour maintenance.


Credit: Dredge Yard/YouTube

It is particularly suitable for environmental dredging because its adaptive visors create a strong suction vacuum by continuously following the ground, which consequently also results in more efficient sand production.

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As well as that, it also ensures that only the necessary layers are removed, resulting in an even surface at all depths.


Credit: Dredge Yard

The visors also automatically adjust with the ground, which makes the whole system very useful for remote-controlled, unmanned dredging operations, particularly in dangerous areas.

Furthermore, the company says it can save marine life by preventing animals from entering the dredger’s suction system.


Credit: Dredge Yard

In a statement, Dredge Yard said: “The adaptive auger head has two retractable visors placed on the front and the backside of the auger head.

“The visors move in and out, according to the shape of the seabed and the depth. This automatic visor movement is enabled by the hydraulic arrangement and pressure settings. 

“Additionally, they cause minimal to no turbidity. This characteristic is vital for the ecosystem, especially when contaminated soils are involved.”   

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