DNV GL Performs Jack-Up Rig Drone Inspection

 08 Mar 2018 11.18am

A new video released by DNV GL of its surveyors using drones to inspect a jack-up rig shows how easy it is to inspect large maritime structures using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Jack-up rigs are a type of mobile platform that consists of a buoyant hull fitted with a number of movable legs, capable of raising its hull over the surface of the sea.

DNV GL, an international accredited registrar and classification society, surveyed the Rowan Gorilla VI, a Super Gorilla Class Jack-up owned by Rowan Companies — an offshore drilling contractor, over four days in Aberdeen.

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With a local surveyor in attendance, the two-man drone team examined the external and internal leg structure of the rig, the jacking house, helideck support, and undertook a bottom survey.

Rowan Gorilla VI has a leg length of 185 metres, can work in a maximum water depth of 121 metres and has a maximum drilling depth of 10,668 metres.

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