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#CTAC2018: Eliminating Truck Congestion with AI

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Dr. Alex Bäcker, Co-Founder and CEO of QLess, has joined the Container Terminal Automation Conference (CTAC) as a keynote speaker to raise awareness of how to eliminate truck congestion using AI algorithms at ports and terminals.

A representative from DP World’s Antwerp Gateway Terminal will also join the session to explain the benefits of using QLess’ intelligent vehicle booking system.

Truck congestion continues to be a major challenge for many ports and terminals around the world.

QLess was able to eliminate the waiting times at Port of Antwerp’s terminal by allowing drivers to wait remotely with its award-winning queuing and scheduling technology.


Bäcker said: “We are excited to share insight on how to eliminate truck congestion for ports and terminals around the world.

“CTAC attendees will learn how QLess has eradicated truck congestion and reduced carbon emissions.”

Book your ticket at CTAC now to hear more about how QLess can help your port to reduce congestion

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