#CTAC2018 Dinner: Rajant Calls for Secure Port Networks

 15 Mar 2018 08.26am

Guests of Port Technology’s exclusive networking dinner hosted at Searcy’s at the Gherkin in London had their eyes opened to the wireless possibilities that scalable, low-latency, real-time networks can provide to ports by Rajant.

Opening the dinner, Robert Schena, the CEO of connectivity specialist Rajant, welcomed executives from a wide range of sectors influencing the development of container shipping before delivering a speech focusing on the capabilities that some ports are yet to tap into.

Schena spoke about how Rajant’s technology, which has had deployments with the US military and is in use in African mines, could bring secure networks to ports that would allow the facilities to embrace autonomy.



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However, while speaking about the capabilities which autonomous vehicles and drones could bring to ports, Schena said he was “nervous” about assumptions that the sensor data controlling machines could be reliable.

He stated: “What I want you to take away is that, as you begin to install the equipment that is necessary [to] operate competitively, then culturally you begin to do security and the processes and [get into] habits that can exploit autonomy.

“Please make sure that you’re also aware of the negative sides of technology as well.”   

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