Confusion Rockets Around Container Weighing

 10 Mar 2016 11.24am

Confusion surrounding the upcoming SOLAS container weighing rule has intensified after European cargo terminal operators expressed deeper concerns that the new regulations have not been clarified effectively, according to the Journal of Commerce.

The Federation of European Private Port Operators (FEPORT) said in a statement: “As of now, industry actors have released guidelines on the implementation of SOLAS requirement, but guidance from national authorities is still absent in many cases.

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“A lack of national guidelines will ultimately provoke confusion in the implementation and will have an adverse impact on operations and lead to possible competitive distortion.”

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Previous reports emerged recently that the container weighing rule is not mandatory after a letter was sent to the IMO from the Global Consolidators Working Group, which stated that the rule was too vague.

This was followed by an announcement from a key official at the IMO that there would be no delays in implementing the new container weighing regulations.

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