CMA CGM Vessel to Test Breakthrough Marine Bio-Fuel


A joint-venture has been launched by leading ocean carrier CMA CGM, IKEA Transport & Logistics, the GoodShipping Program and the Port of Rotterdam to test and scale the use of marine bio-fuel oil.

Commencing with a landmark bunkering of the sustainable fuel aboard a CMA CGM container vessel on March 19, 2019, in Rotterdam, the partnership represents progress towards the decarbonisation of ocean freight.

According to a statement, the test is being facilitated by the GoodShipping Program, a sustainable initiative which is currently aiming to make low carbon bio-fuel oils available for wider commercial use within the maritime industry.

Dr. Bryan Comer discusses the risks of heavy fuel oil in a recent Port Technology technical paper

The second-generation bio-fuel oil, developed by GoodFuels after three years of intensive testing with marine engine manufacturers, is made from forest residues and waste oil products, and is expected to deliver a reduction in well-to-propeller CO2 emissions of 80-90%.

In addition to this, use of the fuel virtually eliminates sulphur oxide emissions without modification to a ship’s engine.

The collaborating partners in this project hope to demonstrate the scalability, sustainability and technical compliance of marine bio-fuel oil, as well as supporting the continued development of eco-friendly options to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and sulphur oxide emissions.



Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO of The GoodShipping Program, commented: “The aim of our program has always been not only to reduce carbon emissions from shipping, but to show that the means to accelerate the energy transition are already available for the sector to grasp.

“Together we send a very clear message: sustainable biofuels are ready today, and we can meet the pathways laid out by the IMO in a manner that is attractive to major cargo owners such as IKEA.”

Simon Bennett overviews the IMO greenhouse gas strategy for a sustainable future in a recent Port Technology technical paper

Xavier Leclercq, Vice President of CMA Ships, added: “In a few days, we will be testing second-generation biofuel in one of CMA CGM’s vessels for the first time.

“Having an HFO-equivalent solution in biofuel oil available with no engineering or operational changes required to our vessel offers a safe, manageable and innovative opportunity to facilitate shipping’s wider transition to new fuel solutions.”

Allard Castelein, CEO of Port of Rotterdam, said: “The Port of Rotterdam considers this initiative by IKEA, CMA CGM and GoodShipping to be a strong rallying cry to the shipping industry.”

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