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Ship Sinks in South China Sea Clash


The Chinese ship Guo Shun 21 has collided into the Vietnamese cargo vessel, Rhanh Dat 01 col, which has caused the Vietnamese ship to sink 120 miles off Vũng Tàu, according to breaking news by TradeWinds.

The crash occurred on Monday August 8, 2016, and the search for the Captain and second Engineer continues; nine other people, including a passenger, have been rescued.

The clash occurred in the heavily disputed South China Sea, of which China claims sovereignty, however this was disputed by a ruling by the Hague earlier this year.

China has claimed it is the “safest shipping route in the world”, but continues to militarise small islands in a bid to ensure its ownership of the waters.

It was reported that China is planning floating nuclear energy sources to make sure the newly built islands have enough power.

PTI will publish updates as the situation develops. 

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