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BPA Welcomes Brexit Plans

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The British Ports Association (BPA) has welcomed Government proposals to ensure maritime vessels and vehilces continue to travel to and from the EU in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit, according to a statement.

The contingency plans include advice on a number of issues, such as seafarers certificates and safety and security notices for ships and cargo.

The papers also brief on wider transport issues including driving licenses, haulage permitting and vehicle insurance.

The BPA has previously raised concerns over the potential disruption at UK ports caused by leaving the Customs Union and Single Market, particularly for Roll-on Roll-off port operators, which handle the majority of the UK's trade witht the EU. 

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According to the statement, the BPA believes failing to agree a trade deal would result in new requirements at the border due to the need for customs checks as of March 2019, when the UK is due to leave the EU.  

Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive of the BPA, commented: “We welcome the briefing papers which will help to ensure ships keep calling at UK ports and lorries and drivers are able to travel between Britain and Europe, post Brexit.

“It is sensible that the UK Government considers all outcomes however we are now critically close to March 2019.

“Together with the advice published last month this brings home the potential of a ‘no deal’ outcome. 

“There is now limited time for ports and freight operators to prepare and without certainty it is still difficult for terminal operators to commit to investment in physical and digital infrastructure that might be needed to facilitate changing rules for trade.”

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