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Blockchain Specialists Partner for Secure Networks

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CargoX, a provider of blockchain-based solutions, has partnered with the digital freight management platform RoadLaunch.

According to a statement, the organizational agreement will see RoadLaunch’s permission-based Hyperledger solution extended with the support of CargoX Smart Bill of Lading, delivering an improved service to thousands of users.

Founded in 2017, RoadLaunch and its IBM solution partner provide a platform for “intelligent logistics” which is driven by Internet of Things (IoT) powered contracts between carriers and shippers.

Darko Djuric, CargoX, discusses how blockchain might be used to secure the cyber environment in a recent Port Technology technical paper

As part of their collaboration, the two companies will integrate CargoX’s Blockchain Document Transaction System technology, powered by the Ethereum Network, into RoadLaunch’s permission-based blockchain platform.

As a result, IoT-connected devices in Roadlaunch’s network and their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software will feed data to CargoX’s platform in real-time to facilitate the digital transfer of ownership for goods.



Francisco Montenegro, Project Manager at CargoX, said: “With this integration, the RoadLaunch Platform will offer an extra layer of decentralization to their flow of information.

“Bills of Lading and other documents in the supply chain information flow will be properly time-stamped and transferred, and an extra layer of trust and event transparency will be added to the RoadLaunch permission-based network.”



Cory Skinner, Founder and CEO of RoadLaunch, added: “The partnership with CargoX is very exciting and it brings us onto a level of next generation logistics supply chain we have not seen in today’s market.

“The integration of the Smart B/L, coupled with the RoadLaunch permissions based smart contracts for ground freight, will enable trusted parties to seamlessly interact on global, multi-modal transactions.”

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Yes it is! With a growing partner ecosystem, we are now oartif the sea that raises all ships (except with smart contracts and settlement)!

— FactR (@fact_r) January 30, 2019

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