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APMT Barcelona installs automatic weighing system in straddle carrier fleet

APMT Barcelona installs automatic weighing in straddle carriers
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APM Terminals Barcelona (APMT Barcelona) has installed a new fleet management and automatic weighing system in its recently acquired 29 straddle carriers, which means its entire fleet is now optimised.

In a statement, APMT Barcelona said it can now offer a better verified gross mass (VGM) service and “considerably increase” its operational capacity in terms of container weighing.

The weighing system, developed and patented by the terminal, is certified by APPLUS (with ENAC accreditation) complying with the SOLAS requirement (International Convention for the Safety of Human Life at Sea launched by the International Maritime Organization and which refers to the weight certifications of the containers).

This system makes it possible to read the weights of the containers while they are being moved without needing to halt operations, and eliminate downtimes for weighing, while providing an accuracy five times higher than that required by SOLAS.

Furthermore, the DGPS technology included in the fleet management system allows real-time determination of the exact position of the machines and the location of the containers within the terminal, facilitating the traceability of operations.

The terminal has also added two Super Post Panamax cranes to its fleet, to reach a total of 5 SPPX cranes in operation, and launched a new rack platform for connecting reefer containers).

This APMT Barcelona said strengthens its position as a benchmark in the maritime business, offering one of the best productivity levels in the Mediterranean region, with a supply of latest generation machines, state-of-the-art technology, and a customer-focused service geared towards the highest levels of excellence.

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