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Aidrivers receives a visit from PM Boris Johnson

Aidrivers Boris Johnson
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Artificial-Intelligence solutions provider Aidrivers received a visit from Prime Minister Boris Johnson at its headquarters in Uxbridge, London.

During the visit, Johnson met with the Founder and CEO of the start-up company, Dr Rafiq Swash, and was given a first-hand demonstration of how its technology works. The PM then went on to try operating a simulated autonomous port vehicle using Aidrivers’ digital twin.

“We were honored to receive a visit today from our Prime Minister Boris Johnson and it was a pleasure to show him our cutting-edge technology, which is being used in demanding industrial applications around the world to help make supply chains more resilient and sustainable,” said Dr Swash.

“His visit recognisies the positive impact Aidrivers is having in terms of creating jobs for the new economy, meeting the need of fleet operations to reduce harmful emissions, and helping society and industry become sustainable.”

Aidrivers has previously made the news with the announcement of a collaboration between it and Largo Robotics. Initially announced in June 2021, the partnership allows Largo Robotics to use Aidrivers autonomous software stack to develop the next generation of autonomous electric vehicles.

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