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ABB: Digitization the Key to Economic Growth

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Ulrich Speisshofer, CEO of ABB, has underlined the importance of digital technology as a key driver of productivity, growth and prosperity for the economy, especially in a developing country like India.

Speisshofer has been meeting with leaders in India throughout the NASSCOM Technology and Leadership Forum in Mumbai, where the automation expert delivered a keynote address focusing on the power of digitization.

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During the speech, Spiesshofer explained how digital technologies are transforming the way we power our societies, produce goods and services, and how we work, a paradigm shift which is also affecting the ports and terminals sector.



Focusing on the opportunity this presents for a rapidly growing nation like India, the CEO said: “By adopting digital technologies, India has already made significant strides towards becoming a digital economy.

“Now it should accelerate the deployment of advanced technologies in industry to drive productivity and competitiveness.”

During his visit to India, Speisshofer met with Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, to discuss how ABB can support the western region of India in its attempts to deploy artificial intelligence, robotics and other advanced technologies.


Ulrich Speisshofer was presented with the Global CEO Award by Nasscom (Credit: ABB)


According to a statement, ABB is already helping several customers in India to drive efficiency by digitizing their operations, including the automotive sector.

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In addition to this, the automation specialists are currently working with the Indian Government and its NITI Aayog think tank, with discussions being held as to how the country can realize the potential of AI, big data and connectivity.

Speisshofer spoke further about the future potential of digitization: “At ABB, we believe digital technologies hold the key to solving global challenges like climate change and to driving growth, productivity and prosperity around the world.”

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