1-Stop Explains Future Supply Chain Development

 11 Jul 2017 09.51am

1-Stop Communications' CEO Michael Bouari spoke to Port Technology at TOC Europe 2017 to discuss how the company is aiming to improve supply chain technology.

Bouari discusses how the company is encouraging stakeholders to engage in collaboration and sharing, automation's role in the container terminals of the future, and what productivity gains the company hopes to achieve.

In the interview, Bouari covers a range of factors that influence the supply chain, including terminal automation.

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He explains that the development of fully automated terminals will keep progressing because of increasing demand on the supply chain, but that manual operations at ports will still be important for some time to come.

He adds: "Each of them offer unique challenges in their own right. With a fully-automated [terminal] you want to maximise the infrastructure you've invested in.

"In a traditional, manual terminal, there are still challenges there because you can automate some parts of the processes and still benefit."

1-Stop recently shared its insight on reforms in the Australian logistics system's autonomous vehicle regulations.

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