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Wireless Connectivity in Port Terminals E-Book

PTI Edition Nokia E-Book •

This exclusive Wireless Connectivity in Port Terminals E-Book has been brought to you by Nokia and Port Technology International.

Through the articles in this E-Book we will explore how wireless connectivity is evolving and enhancing operations at ports and terminals globally. The need for ports to adapt is more important than ever as the supply chain becomes increasingly demanding and other actors within the industry adapt, such as the shipping lines which are increasing the size of their vessels.

All these factors, and more, demand that ports continue to innovate and implement the latest technologies into their operations to meet demand and optimize. The use of industrial-grade private wireless networks will be able to provide the secure communications for digital transformation to take place. They will be used across the board from the equipment, supplied by the likes of Kalmar, which is already testing the use of 5G connectivity in its wireless RTGs.

At the higher level 5G and LTE will be implemented throughout Port Community Systems to make sure that connectivity and date provides the digital backbone needed to overcome the challenges that ports are up against today.

We already know that 5G is coming to us through the latest smart phone technology, but it is now clear that our industry will benefit from this new level of connectivity.

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Wireless Connectivity in Port Terminals E-Book
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