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Supply Chain Collaboration

Port Technology is pleased to reveal the latest edition of its e-Journal, which features papers from leading academics and consultants like Yossi Sheffi and Lars Jensen, as well as leading experts in the supply chain space such as Navis and CyberLogitec.

As part of a much larger chain, it is crucial that ports and terminals look beyond the gate to consider the entire collaborative process which results in efficient transportation.

It is for this reason that Port Technology, with the Smart Digital Ports of the Future conference on the horizon, is releasing an edition focused on ‘Supply Chain Collaboration’.

Papers featured in Edition 85 include:

Papers in this edition:

Why Standards Matter

Richard Morton and Nico De Cauwer examine the ongoing challenge of standardization and explain why it is so important for the industry

Maritime Supply Chain Challenges

Yossi Sheffi, Professor of Engineering at MIT, looks at the hurdles that must be overcome for more effective collaboration in the maritime sector

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