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Smart Digital Ports of the Future 2023

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Welcome to the newest edition of our journal dedicated to the latest advancements in the ports and terminals industry. We are thrilled to publish this special edition in celebration of our Smart Digital Ports of the Future Conference in Rotterdam!

In this issue, we celebrate the digital transformation of ports as they shift from traditional transport hubs to digital nodes that play a crucial role in an ever-evolving supply chain ecosystem. Our goal is to investigate the myriad of ways in which this transformation is unfolding and disrupting the status quo. Our authors will share their expertise to delve deeper into how digital platforms can help mitigate challenges arising from time-consuming and inefficient paper-based data sharing, which ultimately lead to delays and increased costs.

The advent of AI technology has taken the maritime industry by storm, promising to transform the way ports operate. With a plethora of applications, our authors will explore how AI is making waves in enhancing safety and security, enabling the seamless transition to sustainable and efficient operations, and even bringing about autonomous operations such as autonomous cranes and trucks.

Private networks are also playing an ever-important role in revolutionising the way cargo communicates with processing systems in each port. By simplifying data transfer, private networks are boosting efficiency and productivity, creating a win-win situation for both ports and container vessels as our journal will illustrate.

And last but certainly not least, our expert contributors will take you into the fascinating world of Digital Twins. Imaging having a panoramic view of all the ongoing activities in the port with live updates, encompassing everything from the movement of vessels to the analysis of air quality, and the detection of potential oil spillages. With Digital Twins, this level of comprehensive oversight is now possible. Of course, there are still challenges to overcome when it comes to data sharing between private and public entities, as well as within companies and communities. However, the potential benefits of widespread adoption of Digital Twin technology in the maritime industry are simply too great to ignore.

Join us as we delve into the exciting world of smart digital ports and discover the possibilities that await us!

PTI 131

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