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Port Development and Investment

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Welcome to PTI’s inaugural journal of 2024, dedicated to the realm of port development and investment. We are thrilled to go back to our tradition of delivering one journal per month, promising a year filled with insightful content and special editions to commemorate our events in 2024.

After a bustling 2023, the onset of this year brings formidable challenges as geopolitical shifts disrupt global supply chains. This compilation of articles captures the dynamic landscape of port development, providing a thorough exploration of topics pivotal to the industry’s evolution. As the maritime sector grapples with environmental imperatives, geopolitical changes, and technological advancements, this journal serves as a guiding light for informed discourse.

Highlighted in our first journal of the year is the critical importance of investment in transitioning to greenfield environments in ports and terminals, along with investments in smart technology and automation solutions driving the industry’s evolution. Yvo Saanen, Managing Director at Portwise, welcomes you in the first pages of our journal to uncover groundbreaking developments from the past year, which not only showcase the investment trajectory in the industry, but also guide stakeholders in making informed and careful decisions.

We hope you find this journal insightful and look forward to engaging with you in the next issue!

Port Development and Investment

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