Edition 115

Port Community Systems and Collaboration

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In this edition of the Journal, we hear from a variety of PTI partners on Port Community Systems and Collaboration.

PTI was delighted to receive a guest foreword from International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) Chairman Hans Rook for this month. Hans eloquently summed up the ethos for our journal: “When it comes to the development of a PCS, the most advanced, technical, complex IT system will never work at its best if the community itself has not felt involved, consulted and valued in the process.”

IPCSA General Secretary Richard Morton returns once again on the association’s latest work in bringing supply chain stakeholders together on community systems. We hear from stakeholders including the Algeciras Port Authority on best use cases and experiences from collaboration and how it has led to efficiencies in the Spanish supply chain.

We also spoke to CEO and Founder of Aidrivers, Dr Rafiq Swash, on application of data to build an AI-enabled simulated digital twin for terminal efficiencies. The UK-based smart solutions provider was graced with a visit from Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this year – PTI also found out Dr Swash’s thoughts on how machine learning can revolutionise the nation’s port sector.

Elsewhere in the journal, experts at Kalmar Hannu Karp and Teemu Tapio give perspectives on how Kalmar Remote Services is harnessing data for pre-emptive troubleshooting and improving off-site analysis.

Sjoerd de Jager, Managing Director at PortXchange brings the journal some key figures on how improved community systems can have transformative impacts on environmental and economy progress. Annually, 30% of worldwide container port calls experience delays while approaching ports worldwide, resulting in $500 million in unnecessary fuel costs and waiting time, and 3.6 million tons of avoidable CO2 emissions.

Finally, PTI Staff Reporter James Turner debuts in our journal series with an insightful interview on North American data standardisation with Pascal Ollivier, President of Maritime Street and Chair of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) Data Collaboration Committee.

The White House’s renewed focus on improving data to alleviate ongoing supply chain congestion could have worldwide implications for maritime – we speak to Pascal to find out more.


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