Edition 114

Innovative Container Handling

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The industry has been on an automation journey for many years now, there is no doubt about that. However, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting disruption has led many to consider how to make their container handling equipment as efficient as possible.

In this edition of the Journal, we hear from a number of PTI’s partners about how their technology is attempting to solve the issues of today’s container ports.

CEO and Founder of Aidrivers, Dr Rafiq Swash, talks about the ultimate message of port optimisation being a mix of zeroing waste and downtime in order to improve the quality of service.

The only way to reduce the cost, he claims, is the effective implementation of an AI-enabled autonomous system.

“Innovative container handling is vital for the future sustainability and growth of ports, and for the rest of the supply chain that they serve,” Dr Swash says.

Meanwhile, Hyster focuses in on effective double handling of containers. Essentially, moving two containers at the same time has a number of benefits including reducing driver distance and reducing time to lift and lower containers to high positions.

As the drive for efficiency remains constant throughout the industry, solutions like double container handling are more important than ever.

We also hear contributions from LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH, which outlines how laser scanning solutions are important in the automation process.

Gantrex delves into the issue of shock in container handling equipment and explains how a solution by its own R&D team looks to solve the issue which has a profound effect on both operators and the equipment.

Finally, Vahle considers the automation approach at brownfield sites and how everything starts with electrification of container terminals.


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