07 Jun 2018
1-Stop Connections has released a new video outlined the history of their Vehicle Booking System (VBS) in Australia, and how it has optimized the movement of goods throughout the country

  05 Jun 2018
New footage released online has highlighted the heroic response by two Houston Pilots who tackled a fire when a ship they were piloting broke down and burst into flames

  05 Jun 2018
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Port has achieved new heights in container handling in 2018 after showing a 45% increase

  01 Jun 2018
New China TV have released a video featuring COSCO’s newly built megaships that are larger than an aircraft carrier

  31 May 2018
1-Stop Connections has shared the progress made by TABS at terminals owned by ICTSI and ATI in Manila, Philippines

  30 May 2018
Port Technology is proud to announce that the latest edition of the journal is now available online

  29 May 2018
APM Terminals Moin in Costa Rica has received new cranes, keeping it on track for its completion in February 2019

  25 May 2018
IBM Research is introducing an AI-enabled scanner, the IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier, which will use blockchain to check the origin and authenticity of products

  24 May 2018
Airobotics has been chosen to perform an automated, drone-based survey of Israel’s new Gulf Port in Haifa

  24 May 2018
The world's first autonomous and electric container vessel, Yara Birkeland, will use a fully digitalized container handling system from Kalmar to complete the Kongsberg project

  23 May 2018
The number of piracy incidents doubled off the coast of East Africa in 2017 compared to 2016

  22 May 2018
ZPMC has revealed more about its plans to help build digitized and automated ports by creating new products, services and models through its partnership with Microsoft

Credit: Yonhap   21 May 2018
A fire has broken out on a vehicle carrier vessel, the Auto Banner, at South Korea’s Port of Incheon

  18 May 2018
Maersk has made its final application call out to early-stage start-ups in industries including food and agriculture technology for its FoodTrack by Maersk initiative

  18 May 2018
The CEO of VeChain, a public blockchain service provider, has explained the workings of the public digital ledger

  18 May 2018
NSW Ports has announced that it is the first Australian port organization to introduce an environmental incentive to apply to vessel-related charges at its facilities

  17 May 2018
Cargo handling equipment specialist Kalmar has revealed how it plans to evolve its entire range of machines into highly advanced electric versions by 2021

  17 May 2018
DNV GL has bought a stake in leading public blockchain service provider VeChain as it looks to use the technology to develop new digital assurance solutions

  15 May 2018
Chuck Schneider from Navis has answered questions about what approach the container shipping technology company is taking towards digital issues within its industry

Rolls-Royce's video on its Ship Intelligence. Credit: Rolls-Royce   15 May 2018
Rolls-Royce and AXA Corporate Solutions have agreed to explore how Rolls-Royce Ship Intelligence products and AXA’s risk analytics capabilities can support current and future vessels