20 Feb 2019
XVELA, a cloud-based collaboration platform for carriers, has announced that shipping company Seaboard Marine has gone live with its Collaborative Stowage Solution

  11 Dec 2018
Automation and digitization will be two of the key trends affecting ports and terminals in 2019, according to Dr. Yvo Saanen, TBA Group

  21 Nov 2018
Wolfgang Lehmacher, World Economic Forum, discusses the potential logistics has for driving growth

  28 Sep 2018
Edition 79 is here, and with so many incredible papers to choose from, here are the top six to help you start!

  26 Sep 2018
The revolutionary initiative powering supply chain collaboration

  25 Sep 2018
Ports that want to become ‘smart’ need to use technologies that automatically adapt to changing situations

  21 Sep 2018
These are the must-read papers from speakers and companies at the event.

  20 Sep 2018
By Roberto Laurino, Director of Global Business Devlepment, iContainers

  19 Sep 2018
Port Technology's latest edition of the journal is now available online and in print.

  19 Sep 2018
The human diet is changing, and it’s changing fast

  18 Sep 2018
Port Technology is pleased to present its third e-Book marking the event – 'Reconceptualizing The Port'

  05 Sep 2018
Kalmar Senior VP Dan Pettersson discusses green innovations in shipping

  03 Sep 2018
Francisco J. Grau Cavanillas,Orbita, gives his advice to operators

  03 Sep 2018
Thomas Gylling, Marketing Director of Konecranes, explains the importance of data sharing and automation

  30 Aug 2018
Chuck Schneider, VP & General Manager of Navis, explains why data sharing is so important

  29 Aug 2018
Dan Petterson, VP of Kalmar, explains how new product can help the environment

  29 Aug 2018
Dr Christian Koegl, Senior VP, Siemens, talks about the big opportunities automation brings

  28 Aug 2018
Francisco J. Grau Cavanillas, MD of the Ports and Terminals division at Orbita, discusses AI, blockchain and automation

  24 Aug 2018
PTI provides details about the conference’s fourth session

  23 Aug 2018
Dong-Hyun Carlos Lee, Project Manager, Terminal Product Delivery Team, CyberLogitec discusses leveraging data.