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Optimized use of various TOS systems, including Navis N4

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Topics Covered


  • Web Based for PC, Tablet & Smartphone
  • Instructional Videos
  • 3D Animations of Terminals
  • Updated Regularly
  • Presentations and PDFs of Classes
  • Tests & Statistics: Monitor Progress
  • Micro Learning
  • Gamification
  • Learn anywhere, any time

Vessel Planning

  • Shift Planning
  • Advanced Berth Scheduling
  • Initial Crane Planning
  • Accurate Crane Planning
  • Alternate Loading
  • Dual Cycling
  • Pre-Defined Work Patterns
  • Advanced Pre-Defined Work Patterns
  • Using Recaps to Analyze Operations

Yard Planning

  • Yard Basics
  • Allocation Filters
  • Checking Allocation Filters
  • Weight Classes
  • Yard Strategies
  • Mixed Piles
  • Yard Stowage
  • Using Recaps to Analyze Operations
  • Empty Yard
  • Expert Decking

TOS Systems

  • TOS Navigation
  • TOS Filters and Lists
  • TOS Holds and permissions
  • TOS User Management
  • TOS Reports


  • Vessel Dispatcher Screens
  • Road Dispatcher Screens
  • Dispatcher Recaps
  • Yard Satellite View
  • Work in Progress
  • Equipment Find Filter
  • TIP and TQ
  • Prime Route
  • CHE Range Updates
  • Pools and Equipment
  • Pro-active Vessel Dispatching
  • Yard Impact View

Release Plan

February 2017

Equipment Types and Characteristics

  • Functions of a container terminal
  • Modalities at a container terminal
  • Vessel types & classes
  • Vessel handling equipment & Operations
  • Performance factors
  • Landside handling
  • Road truck types and arrivals patterns
  • Storage Functions & Yard equipment
  • HTS concepts
  • Coupled & Decoupled vehicle types
  • Equipment comparison

July 2017

Expert Decking

  • Key Characteristics
  • Operational Goals
  • Allocation Groups & Ranges
  • Weight handling
  • Exception handling
  • Transitioning
  • Stacking & Section factors
  • Expert Decking parameters
  • Testing Expert Decking

November 2017

Equipment Use

  • Tasks of equipment
  • Equipment productivity: Work hours & productivity
  • Factors that impact productivity
  • Equipment deployment: Cost
  • Where: waterside and/or landside
  • Supply & Demand
  • Equipment Maintenance

About Us

TBA was founded in the 1990s as a consultancy firm focusing on solving logistic problems with advanced tools.

Today, TBA's vision is to improve the cost efficiency and productivity of container and bulk terminals world-wide through consultancy and software. It distinguishes itself through state-of-the-art tools such as simulation and emulation. Its clients include all major container operators worldwide and many local operators.

InThere is a young dynamic company that has been working on a new and effective method for the acceleration of learning-and-change processes in organisations. Our close ties with the University of Technology in Delft provide a scientific vision and an objective appreciation of our projects.

InThere believes in cooperation and the bundling of knowledge. That is why we work together with organisations that have specific knowledge and expertise of certain areas. The combining of its expertise with that of others leads to a product that is more than the sum of the different parts.

Port Technology International (PTI) is the leading quarterly journal and daily online information service for excutives at port authorities, terminal operators around the world, maritime academics and industry suppliers.

The editorial content, written exclusively for the journal by leading industry experts, focuses on how current and emerging technologies can improve productivity, efficiency and performance, as well as providing insight into trends, themes and future developments in the broader maritime sector.

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To have the ability to complete training at home or at work, but more importantly, at your own pace. You will have the ability to train staff remotely without needing to interrupt port operations.

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Up to date training material, micro games for best-practice operations

Optimized use of various TOS systems, including Navis N4

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