Wireless tracking, monitoring and streamlining operations

Wireless tracking, monitoring and streamlining operations

Robert Estes, Global Sales and Technical Communications, Globe Tracker, Melbourne, Florida, US

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The Globe Tracker Yard and Terminal Infrastructure Network enhances yard and terminal operational efficiency and provides a communications link with customers to facilitate value-added services. Strategic placement of Globe Tracker Infrastructure Communications Units throughout the yard or terminal, produces, in-effect, blanket coverage of the area. These Infrastructure Communications Units (ICU) continuously communicate with each other. They also communicate with GT Communications Units installed in assets, containers, trucks, ITV’s, reach stackers, chassis etc, located in the coverage area. This continuous communication allows the yard operator to determine the exact real-time location of every GT-enabled customer and yard asset in the coverage area. Additionally, these GT-enabled assets can communicate real-time events, such as temperature alarms and door status changes directly to the asset owners – the yard’s customers. These real-time alerts can be passed to the terminal operator, thus allowing for optimisation of terminal and yard operational efficiency, and provision of value-added services to customers. Globe Tracker’s solution extends beyond marine terminals to inland hubs, container depots, rail yards, intermodal yards and logistics staging areas, where operations require tracking and cargo integrity/security. Owners and freight forwarders will be able to achieve proof of delivery and verification of cargo security from origin to final destination.

Features and benefits

Globe Tracker’s Yard and Terminal Infrastructure offers the following benefits: • It is the most cost-effective assettracking and monitoring solution for yards and terminals, with its inexpensive ‘cloud’ services and hardware guaranteed and maintained under GT Total Care; • Unmatched coverage with penetrating Sub GHz radio technology; locates and communicates with assets even in multiple rows and stacks; • Optimises container and trailer-flow through terminals and yards, saving time and money, and improving equipment operating efficiencies; • Features yard and terminal alerts, including asset arrival and departure, movement within the yard and terminal, interchanges between cranes, chassis, trucks and lifts, geo-fence position alerts, power on/off, etc; • Geo zones within yards and terminals track containers through pre-cleared, customs-cleared, maintenance and other areas defined by the operators; • Accurate asset positioning within yards and terminals’ X, Y and Z planes; • Asset event alerts such as temperature alarms or door open are communicated through the GT I-Network to the asset owner and shared in real-time with the yard/ terminal operator through GT’s Trade Data Exchange Network, and • Improved logistics and exchange verification through GT’s Trade Data Exchange Network and I-Networks.

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