Will the Future of Shipping be Based Ashore?

Will the Future of Shipping be Based Ashore?

Michael Baldauf, et al, World Maritime University

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Since the International Maritime Organization’s introduction of the concept of e-Navigation in 2006, development and integration of new and sophisticated information and communication technologies are gaining ground. Information and data exchange between two or more ships as well as between ships and all kinds of shore-based maritime organizations and service providers has grown into a new dimension. This is resulting in safer and more efficient ship operations and traffic flows along many coastal regions.

It seems a question of time as to when autonomous ships with minimum crew will become a reality. Perhaps even no crew at all. The present situation in international shipping is characterized by rapid fundamental changes affecting the basic concepts of operating ships and even changing traditional paradigms of controlling ships. 

  Ports of the Future      Automation and Optimisation, Supply Chain, Terminal Logistics, Warehousing and Logistics

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