When Maritime Moves Beyond the Sea

When Maritime Moves Beyond the Sea

Khashy Saravandi-Rad, Director Maritime, Frequentis

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Everything connects, that’s the state of the world we live in today. Previously, maritime control centres operated with a singular focus: protecting civilian or military vessels traversing the waters within their areas of responsibility. These worlds are now coming together where shared resources are utilised to ensure safe passage. Now it is time to take this a step further with the integration of public safety agencies.
Let’s consider why this is happening and the key problems that need to be solved.

The first is information sharing and the ability to do so in a real-time fashion. In order for the global maritime network organisations to keep all vessels, passengers and freight safe,
the ability to share information, intelligence and communications needs to be supported by mission-critical control centres.

A mission-critical control centre should address concerns related to vessel traffic services, joint rescue coordination centres (JRCC), port authorities, search and rescue (SAR) coordination centres and maritime rescue coordination centres (MRCC). These...

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