Versiant Smartphone Application Sees Tremendous Growth

Versiant Smartphone Application Sees Tremendous Growth

Jeff Davis, Managing Director Operations, Port of Houston Authority, Texas, USA and Edward Reade, Vice President of Applications, Versiant, North Carolina, USA

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Studies show that teenagers stare at this for almost half of their waking hours. You have found that taking it away from them or canceling the service is the most effective form of punishment ever. At the same time, you have found it to be an essential tool for business and managing your personal life. It is, of course, the ubiquitous smartphone. Container terminals across the globe are constantly looking for new and improved ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations. An increase of one move-per-hour here or a shorter truck turn time there, but where is the focus on improving communication within the entire port community? Traditionally, terminals have maintained customer service organisations to respond to queries ranging from directions to the terminal to how much will my demurrage be if I pick up my container on Tuesday. Emails, phone calls and faxes flood in at rates usually directly associated with the volume of containers processed by the terminal. Much of this information is contained within the Terminal Operating System (TOS) which may not be readily available to others outside the terminal. Versiant has developed a smartphone application called Lynx Mobile that integrates directly with Navis’s Express and N4 versions of their TOS. Its realtime integration gives sub-second responses to any query without impacting the normal processing of the TOS. Several terminals have deployed this new technology including: Global Terminals, Maher Terminals LLC, PNCT, Ports America Chesapeake, Port of Houston Authority and Yusen Terminals.

Port of Houston Authority

The Port of Houston Authority ...

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