The Options for Ports Offering VGM Compliance

The Options for Ports Offering VGM Compliance

Simon Everett, Managing Director, Strainstall, Isle of Wight, UK

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There are numerous candidate systems and technologies that are capable of delivering the required accuracy of measurement required under the new SOLAS regulations. Not all, however, are particularly practical in terms of their ability to operate as a part of the existing flow of cargo between consignor and recipient. This paper reviews the options available to ports with some of the considerations that port operators may take into account when making choices about how to provide a VGM service to their customers.
Weighbridges are proven technology for the measurement of gross vehicle weight and provide this to a high degree of accuracy. However, weighbridges do not in themselves directly deliver the required gross mass of the container required by SOLAS. Instead, to arrive at this figure the tare weight of the vehicle (including both the tractor and chassis/trailer as appropriate) plus the mass of any fuel in the tank, additional items carried and the driver, must all be subtracted in order to deliver an accurate container weight...
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