The Mission to be the Google of Shipping: The Blue Ocean of Contopia

The Mission to be the Google of Shipping: The Blue Ocean of Contopia

Shachar Tal, Founder, Loginno

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Loginno has made the headlines recently after striking a partner deal with Navis as the Israeli start-up strives to become the 'Google of shipping'. 

Imagine your hands holding a big wheel. It is the wheel of a truck carrying valuables of utmost importance, and you, the person holding the wheel, are one of the best drivers available. The road is new and sparkling clean; the weather could not be better. You stare straight at your windshield but discover that, for some reason, it is almost completely dark. Just a tiny crack lets you peek out and see the road.

How would you drive in this situation? Could you take advantage of your awesome driving skills, of the great weather, of the new road? No. You would drive super slowly, trying your best not to crash into anything, always peeking through the crack; stopping ever so often to get out of the truck and manually check if you hadn't hit anything. What a mess.

Welcome to the world of shipping containers: big boxes with extremely valuable cargo. More accurately, US$6 trillion worth of cargo is transported annually in these big boxes, via 110 million trips. Such journeys form the de-facto ‘veins’ of the global economy. The only problem is no one knows what the heck is going on. The windshield of container shipping is too dark.

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