The Journey of CONTROLS: DP World Antwerp

The Journey of CONTROLS: DP World Antwerp

Wim Verdonck, Optimization Supervisor, DP World Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium Raoul van Heffen, Sr. Project Manager, TBA, Delft, Netherlands

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This year, TBA is proudly celebrating ‘10 years CONTROLS’, TBA’s innovative and leading emulation tool. In a series of articles, The Journey of CONTROLS will take you around the world, bringing you to various terminals who are using emulation and sharing their stories. In this second episode, we will write about the usage of CONTROLS at DP World (DPW) Antwerp.


DP World Antwerp Gateway is a highclass semi-automated terminal located on the left bank of the Port of Antwerp. Since 2007, it has been the first terminal in the global DPW portfolio to operate automated stacking cranes, providing the container storage for a large part of the terminal stacking capacity. The other part is done by a fleet of 1 over 2 and 1 over 3 straddle carriers. This mixes the benefits of a high stacking density on the yard by use of ASCs with the flexibility of straddle carriers. Combined with truck loading automa-tion and world-class twin, tandem and quad ship-to-shore cranes, it delivers the tools to successfully run a container terminal in the Hamburg-Le Havre range.

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Because of the high-degree of automation in the terminal and the drive for optimisation, a good working TOS is essential. The operations have to be highly performant, even when in project roll out mode and after every update. This is where emulation kicks in for DPW Antwerp. The terminal came in contact with the CONTROLS product during the 2009 TOS imple-mentation of Navis N4, coming from Cosmos. At that time, the emulation model was used for TOS testing in the pre go-live stage. This way, DPW Antwerp became acquainted with the benefits of emulation.

After this TBA launched its new fully developed, now Java based emulation platform CONTROLS2...

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