Supply Chain Partnerships: Countering Economic and Geopolitical Uncertainty

Supply Chain Partnerships: Countering Economic and Geopolitical Uncertainty

Nichola Silveira, Supply Chain Director, DP World

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Long-standing trade routes are shifting and geopolitical events are driving economic uncertainty on a global scale. As such, businesses require more agility if they are going to operate in these unpredictable times. To navigate this change, organisations need to reconsider their approaches to supply chain management to drive down costs and better serve customers. Central to this is building trusted partnerships with disruptive logistics specialists that understand the evolving business environment.

A lot of the uncertainty, and its impact on trade, stems from the current political climate. Take the UK for instance, a great deal of unpredictability is being driven by a lack of clarity around Brexit and the eventual deal with the European Union (EU).

  Ports of the Future      Automation and Optimisation, Finance, Supply Chain

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